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Former car owner experiences life-changing benefits after selling their vehicle: 'The best decision ever'

"Biking everywhere suddenly makes me feel free."

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Some people love cars, others don't. Regardless, not owning one can be liberating, depending on where you live.

A Montreal-based Redditor posted a few paragraphs about why they are so happy after going car-free, stating, "Selling my car was the best decision ever. I've been loving biking everywhere and have found a new appreciation for the bus which I used to hate." 

Motor vehicles, whether private cars, trucks, or motorcycles, take a huge toll on the environment. Aside from the production process, which requires energy that produces air pollution, these vehicles release planet-warming gases every time they are used (unless they are electric vehicles). 

A typical gas-powered car produces more than 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution each year. Passenger cars produced around 3.3 billion tons of these emissions worldwide in 2020.

Across the globe, transportation accounts for more than 16.2% of carbon pollution, according to Our World in Data. 

It's no secret that electric vehicles (EVs) are a much better solution compared to traditional gas-guzzling automobiles. But even though they produce zero tailpipe emissions, they can still be harmful to the planet if the energy to build and charge the batteries does not come from renewable sources.

Luckily, scientists worldwide are making great strides in limiting the environmental impact of EV production, often through improving batteries. 

Not owning a motor vehicle and using a bicycle or public transportation (or both) to get around is much more beneficial to the planet. It is also financially beneficial, since the average American can spend about $2,500 each year on car-related expenses.

Also, those who do not own a car tend to walk more often to their destination, even if they take a bus or the subway, and it's no secret that walking can provide serious health benefits. 

Other Redditors were in complete agreement with the original poster's car-free lifestyle.

One enthusiastically admitted they've "discovered the same thing" and how "biking everywhere suddenly makes me feel free, the city seems bigger, there's so many things to find and so many people!" 

Another added, "Bicycle riding is also great for your cardiac health. Enjoy your rides."

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