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Frustrated resident seeks advice as HOA considers bike ban for traffic safety: 'I don't think there is a good solution here'

"Discouraging or banning kids from playing outdoors by riding bikes and scooters sets a bad example."

"Discouraging or banning kids from playing outdoors by riding bikes and scooters sets a bad example."

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Nothing says summertime like neighborhood kids enjoying a bike ride. But for one HOA-governed community, that sight might be disappearing. 

A frustrated resident took to the subreddit r/HOA asking for advice about how to deal with neighbors complaining about children on bicycles. 

"[My condo complex] is mostly occupied by retirees … Children are generally oblivious and do not watch for cars backing out. Many neighbors are suffering the effects of their ages and worry about hitting a kid as they back out of their spots. They're asking that we ban bikes (and scooters, skates, etc.) … Thoughts?"

Commenters were angered and perplexed. "So are [they] just wanting to ban everything with wheels unless it's a vehicle?" someone asked.

"I don't think there is a good solution here," said another. "Banning bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters etc, is going to get tons of complaints … I'd suggest simply telling parents /grandparents to teach the kids about traffic, and the old people should simply drive more carefully."

"If they literally can't stop themselves from hitting children they should not be allowed to drive!" another vented.

Others pointed out the practical arguments against a bike ban. 

"Discouraging or banning kids from playing outdoors by riding bikes and scooters sets a bad example. It will also make the community less desirable to potential buyers," one person wrote.

Riding a bike has been shown to boost both physical and mental health in kids. Getting outdoor play is also crucial for development: Kids who play outside are happier, more focused, and less anxious than those who spend most of their days inside.

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Ironically, HOAs aren't known for policies that make their communities appealing to buyers. Nowadays, prospective homebuyers are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their purchases, with 60% of millennials willing to pay more for sustainable housing. However, HOAs have repeatedly been caught enforcing anti-environmental policies. 

From mandating water-guzzling grass lawns to eliminating beneficial home gardens and banning laundry lines and solar panels, HOAs have earned a reputation as opponents of the eco-friendly.

When it comes to transportation, fewer choices can reduce a person's polluting footprint than choosing to ride a bike rather than drive. In fact, cycling instead of driving once a day can reduce a person's transportation-related pollution by 67%. Hopefully this HOA doesn't cave in to community pressure.

If you're dealing with a difficult HOA, check out TCD's guide to fighting against unnecessary policies.

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