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Gardener issues warning after accidentally planting invasive herb: 'A gardening lesson we learned the hard way'

"What's the worst that could happen?"

"What's the worst that could happen?"

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Have you ever done something you thought was harmless that turned out to have drastic consequences? 

This Redditor has, and they shared the outcome with r/gardening.

"This is my apple mint patch, which started by accidently dropping some minty debris and thinking, what's the worst that could happen?" they captioned their post. "This. This is what can happen."

"What's the worst that could happen?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The accompanying photo shows a patch of lush and thriving apple mint, which is known for its slightly fruity flavor. 

Mint is invasive and has a reputation for spreading aggressively and taking over garden spaces. Many mint species are native to North America, while others have been introduced from Eurasia and elsewhere, particularly those species that are grown in agriculture and horticulture. Apple mint, in particular, is native to western and southern Europe. 

However, if we are thoughtful about the plants we select, both in terms of their growing habits and their indigeneity to our region, cultivating native plants can be a fulfilling and accessible way to make a sustained and positive impact on the environment. 

Beyond bringing vibrance and variety to our yards, native plants create food and shelter for local wildlife and a healthier ecosystem for pollinators all year round. This ultimately benefits humans, as pollinators protect our food supply. Aside from native plant gardens, other eco-friendly, low-maintenance landscaping options include planting buffalo grass, which is native to North America, and xeriscaping

Redditors took to the comments section to share their experiences with rapidly spreading mint, some positive aspects of the plant, and tasty recommendations. 

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"I have a patch of mint in my perennial garden, and it's a bother to keep under control!" one person commented. "But I will say, it is a godsend as a mosquito repellent, and I can transplant some anywhere I have a difficult time growing plants. My air conditioner bed, and the one underneath my rose bushes, smell marvellous. Another bonus? My chickens love to have their afternoon rest in it, so when I put them away they smell great!"

"That was a gardening lesson we learned the hard way," another said. "Oh well at least we can make nice mojitos forever."

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