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Shopper calls out TikTok trend for upsetting scene at home goods store: 'It's disgusting'

"What's the point?"

"What’s the point?”

Photo Credit: u/Sustkar30 / Reddit

Have you ever indulged in the internet restocking video trends? It can be so soothing to watch people refill their jars of pasta and flour or beauty products, but it's also creating a pervasive waste issue. 

One user is showing how problematic this restocking video trend can be, via the shelves at her local home goods store. 

The user shared two photos of shelves lined with Tupperware and plastic containers at the store on the Reddit r/anticonsumption forum. There was so much product that the employees had to place some of it on the ground in front of the display. 

 "Is this the result of the Tiktok organizing craze?" they asked. 

"What's the point?
Photo Credit: u/Sustkar30 / Reddit

The restocking craze is not only unsustainable, but it also generates tons of useless plastic. Several users have gotten shamed on the internet for their restocking, including one influencer who showcased their 27 containers of body scrubs in plastic containers.

Individuals looking to organize their space should first look to declutter and donate before buying new. There's also the option to buy thrifted pieces from secondhand stores. Not only will it save a few bucks, but it could save the planet, too. 

Another option would be taking your containers directly to a bulk shopping store, where you can refill them without having to buy single-use plastic containers and decant your goods into them. 

Users were shocked by the number of plastic items on the shelves. 

"Most of this won't be bought, will go to clearance and eventually be trashed. It's disgusting," one user indicated. In their comment, they also explained that part of the issue was the company sending them so many products, which gets worse around the holiday season when buying is at an all-time high. 

Other users noted that buying bulk containers can be helpful if it cuts down on the number of small, single-serve plastic packaging that comes with smaller goods. But, that doesn't mean decanting is ideal for all products. 

"What I don't understand is people buying plastic jars for things then purchase regular-sized individually packaged bags of food and filling the container in one go. What's the point?" another user posed

It's clear that aesthetics outpace sustainability for many, and it's not good news for the planet.

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