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Frustrated printer owner shares warning against purchasing HP products: 'I'll never own another'

"They're nothing but issues."

"They're nothing but issues."

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A Reddit user's attempt to replace an ink cartridge in their HP printer has sparked frustration and debate online.

The user shared a photo in the r/mildlyinfuriating community showing their printer screen displaying an error message: "The indicated cartridge is an older generation cartridge that does not work in your printer. It can still be used with some older printer models."

"They're nothing but issues."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post, simply titled "Try to put an ink carteridge into my HP Printer," has garnered over 2,100 upvotes. Fellow Redditors shared their own experiences and theories about printer companies' practices.

The cartridge in question physically fit in the printer. However, the printer rejected it as an unsupported older model. This left the user unable to print, despite seemingly having a compatible cartridge.

Incidents such as this shine a light on the environmental and consumer impact of printer manufacturers' strict cartridge policies.

By preventing the use of older cartridges, even when they may still have ink and fit the printer, companies contribute to needless waste and higher costs for customers.

When a printer forces users to prematurely discard cartridges, those plastic and metal components end up in landfills, where they're doomed to emit planet-harming pollution as they break down over hundreds of years.

Manufacturing new cartridges also uses precious resources and energy. With the average American office worker using 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, those environmental costs add up.

Additionally, restricting cartridge compatibility can leave consumers feeling nickel-and-dimed, as they have to purchase expensive new cartridges more frequently. This financial strain hits individuals and small businesses alike.

Redditors expressed their discontent and shared tips in the comments.

"I'll never own another HP product. They're nothing but issues," one user declared.

Another lamented, "I'm glad I keep seeing these posts to remind me not to buy an HP printer."

One commenter summed it up: "So in a nutshell: Fits properly in the place. Gets recognized by your printer. Printer denies to print. Seems like a scam to me."

On its website, HP outlines its cartridge recycling process, noting: "When you buy Original HP Ink and Toner, you become part of a global recycling and sustainability effort. Your used cartridges are the difference between plastics in landfills, and plastics that close the loop."

As consumers, our printing choices have ripple effects on both our wallets and the planet. By opting for printers with more flexible cartridge policies or exploring eco-friendly alternatives such as refillable ink tanks, we can take small but mighty steps toward a more sustainable future.

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