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Subaru could spark an EV price war with its plan to roll out 8 new cars in the next 5 years: 'The more ... we get, the better'

"I'm sure they will be great vehicles."

New subaru evs, EV price war with its plan to roll out 8 new cars in the next 5 years

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Legacy automakers across the board can tell which way the winds are blowing. As consumers increasingly turn toward planet-friendly electric vehicles, car companies are focusing on developing more new EVs and fewer traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Subaru is the latest company to come out with an ambitious plan to expand its growing roster of EVs. The president and CEO of the Japanese company said recently that Subaru intends on releasing eight new electric vehicle models by 2028 and having a 50% battery EV sales share by the end of the decade.

According to an internal brief, the plans include four new electric SUVs by the end of 2026 and four additional electric vehicles by the end of 2028.

This news comes after the news that Subaru is coming out with a three-row electric SUV that will be manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky, by Toyota, which Subaru has partnered with to build more electric vehicles. Having the car manufactured in the United States should qualify it for a substantial EV tax credit for U.S. customers.

Electrek's commenters were excited to hear about the impending electric Subarus, regarding it as good news for drivers and for the EV industry and planet as a whole.

"Good! I wish they'd done it sooner, but Good!" wrote one commenter. "They've made very good cars for a long time. I'd guess they're very likely to make very good EVs. The more good EV makers we get, the better. Drives us toward better EVs, at lower prices. Having established makers join with startups…it's all good!"

"I really hope to see at least one of those models offer an optional 400-mi range battery. A special order would be fine. Regardless, I'm sure they will be great vehicles," wrote another.

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