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Ferrero announces major step forward in newly designed packaging that could be the model for the future: 'Safeguarding nature for future generations'

"The work we have done … allows us to safeguard our portfolio today."

"The work we have done ... allows us to safeguard our portfolio today."

Photo Credit: Ferrero

The only thing sweeter than a gift box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates is knowing that those chocolates are packaged more sustainably.

Packaging Gateway reported that Ferrero recently achieved a sustainability record in its packaging efforts, with 90.7% of its packaging considered sustainable in the financial year 2022-23. This figure was up from the previous year's 88.5%, and it was the first year the company achieved its goal of producing over 90% sustainable packaging. 

Per its website, Ferrero's approach is three-pronged: making over 90% of its packaging sustainable (defined as recyclable, reusable, or compostable), reducing the use of virgin plastic by 10% (as compared to a 2020 baseline), and increasing the use of recycled packaging materials to 12%.

"The work we have done to improve the recyclability of our plastic packaging portfolio and enhance recycled content allows us to safeguard our portfolio today, ensuring business continuity in the face of upcoming legislation, such as the US [extended producer responsibility] bills in North America," Reginaldo Tavares Da Silva, head of Ferrero packaging, said, per Packaging Gateway.

The article also outlined the company's four sustainability pillars, which are "protecting the environment, sourcing ingredients responsibly, promoting responsible consumption, and empowering people."

Per Packaging Gateway, Ferrero executive chair Giovanni Ferrero said: "Ferrero Group recognises the critical role that the company plays in safeguarding nature for future generations. We reaffirmed through concrete engagements that sustainability is embedded in Ferrero's long-term strategy. All four pillars of our sustainability framework guide every strategic decision we take."

The sweets producer isn't the only company to respond to the worldwide push for more sustainable packaging — giants such as Burger King and Aldi are also stepping up to the opportunity to win more consumers. 

According to consulting group Bain & Company, 71% of U.S. and European consumers are regularly looking for everyday products with plastic-free packaging and components. Consulting group McKinsey also found that approximately half of consumers are willing to pay a premium for a more sustainable option.

Considering the fact that plastic pollution has made its way into every biome on Earth — where it leaches cancerous chemicals into our bodies via air and water — the move toward reducing plastic in packaging is critical. 

So, next time you're craving something sweet, grab your box of Ferrero Rocher and know that you're treating both yourself and the planet.

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