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Tenant slams dismissive landlord over their handling of a hazardous appliance issue: ‘Super dangerous’

“He didn’t investigate.”

Landlord gas stove leak

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A Reddit user has shared their frustrating experience with a dangerous appliance — and their landlord’s lack of concern and care throughout the process.

In a post on the r/fixit subreddit, the user explained how their old gas stove seems to have a leak in the system.

“We’ve been turning off the gas to the stove between uses due to the gas smell, and despite the fact the landlord and repairman dismissed the smell,” the user wrote. “Today I lifted out the bottom of the stove and stuck phone inside to see for myself. Confirm this is what I think it is.”

Landlord gas stove
Photo Credit: u/tangerine3333 / Reddit
Landlord gas stove
Photo Credit: u/tangerine3333 / Reddit

The user posted a picture of crusty, rusty old pipes beneath their stove and further explained their problem in the comments.

“I already stuck a CO2/methane/propane monitor in there today and it started beeping within about a minute — there’s a leak,” they wrote in a comment.

Gas leaks can cause a multitude of health issues, including nausea, headaches, and fatigue, according to ADT. If enough leaked gas accumulates in a space, it can build to an explosive amount if there’s a spark in the area. Gas leaks — particularly methane — also have adverse environmental effects because they contribute to the dangerous overheating of the planet, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

The user also clarified that the landlord was not helpful during the process. “He didn’t investigate, he justified the smell,” the user said of their landlord. “(I think) old texts confirm his response.”

The user said that they continually turn the gas off when the stove is not in active use.

The community’s moderators locked the thread for further advice and instead told the user to seek professional help.

“Typically, the utility that supplies your natural gas connection will, free of charge, come out to inspect and adjust your natural gas equipment,” the moderator said in a comment. “Because it seems likely that your problem might be placing yourself and others at risk of life and limb we can’t advise you to do anything other than contact the pros.”

Other users shared their advice before the thread was locked. 

“If you are concerned about gas leaking, call your fire department or gas company. They will come out with their testers and check,” one user wrote.

“No thermocouple on these old turds. Super dangerous,” another user said.

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